Hoje me chamaram de ignorante. Fingi que nem ouvi.

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Meu ídolo vem pro Brasil:



Não tenho dinheiro pra ir no show:


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Happy 34th Birthday Harry James Potter, July 31st 1980.

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demi lovato meetings: Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd and Nick Jonas

"4º Lei de Newton: não darás parabéns àquele que não te deu parabéns no seu último aniversário"

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Professora: Trabalho em dupla



Professora: Mas eu vou escolher as duplas


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regina mills appreciation week

day 1: favorite persona → young regina

The innocent girl that loved riding horses, fell in love with the stable boy and had such dreams, but had an abusive mother who stood in her way. The girl who was forced to marry the father of the girl who was partly responsable for her feyonce’s death, trapped in a lonely marriage living miserably sad and alone. The girl who was manipulated to get rid of her mother - that she loved, despite of everything - and was repeatedly manipulated again and again to use magic, something she never wanted to. That same girl was too afraid to go through a door and meet her soulmate and take her second chance, because after all the things that she had been through, being finally happy was just too good to be true. The girl that chose anger over hope after all, and turned out to be exactly everything she never wanted to be.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

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